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Le Temps Retrouvé

   our favorite gourmet spots  

- oOo -    on foot   - oOo - 

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bistro cuisine (5 min walk from LTR)

lunch menu at €16.50

LA POTERNE (at Ciné REX) in Sarlat

crepe restaurant (5 min walk from LTR)

à la carte approximately €15-25


gourmet restaurant (6 min walk from LTR)

menus from 29€ (lunch) and 39€ (dinner)

cheese shop open for lunch (6 min walk from LTR)
menu 14€ (lunch only)

LOU PODEL in Sarlat historic center

bistronomic (8 min walk from LTR)

lunch menu at €16 and dinner around €40

CHEZ LE  GAULOIS in Sarlat historic center

local specialties (8 min walk from LTR)

a la carte 18 - 25€ approximately

LE BISTROT in Sarlat historic center

local cuisine (8 min walk from LTR)

menus from 26€

BRASSERIE COSTA in Sarlat historic center
bistro cuisine (8 min walk from LTR)

dishes from 16 €

AUX 3 SENSES in Sarlat historic center
fusion cuisine (10 min walk from LTR)
menus from 33€

GUEULE ET GOSIER in Sarlat historic center

traditional restaurant (10 min walk from LTR) 

menus from 37€

COIN COIN in Sarlat historic center

wine bar (10 min walk from LTR)

dishes from 7 to 19€

O'COMPTOIR in Sarlat historic center

bistrot (10 min walk from LTR)

lunch menu 19€, dinner around 40€

L'ENTREPOTE in Sarlat historic center

local cuisine (10 min walk from LTR)

menu at €30

CAFE MARCEL in Sarlat historic center

café bistro (10 min walk from LTR)

sandwich + fries from €12

quite simply the best burger in Sarlat and a homemade daily menu at a low price!

a friendly welcome at the Ciné Rex, an institution since the 1950s!


festival of culinary sensations at Maxime, our neighboring chef! 

when kindness rhymes with delicacy... around cheese! 

after the Lou Toupi food truck, the three friends do it again all year round in Sarlat for our greatest pleasure! 

Nora and Olivier offer a quality alternative to local dishes

around cheese, ham and other cold meats! 

a simple and tasty local menu at the foot of the cathedral!

good bistro cuisine, an ideal location and a top team! 

Chef  Christian takes you on a journey between Sarlat and Argentina, his country of origin!

traditional southwestern cuisine revisited with audacity and success, served in summer on a small terrace in a charming alley!

small dishes to share - or not! - from the land but also from the sea and the garden... simply delicious!​ ​ ​




family restaurant where Chef Olivier uses quality ingredients for tasty and generous cuisine!

quality regional dishes served in a friendly atmosphere!

smiling and attentive welcome... elaborate sandwiches, delicious smash burgers and tasty homemade desserts... you feel good there!

- oOo -    by car   - oOo - 

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Ô MOULIN in Carsac Aillac
gourmet restaurant (8 km from LTR)
menus from 38€


friendly place (11 km from LTR) 

from €5 for a plate to share and €12 for dishes

O' PLAISIR DES SENS in La Roque Gageac
gourmet restaurant (11 km from LTR)
menus from €39;

LOU TOUPI in La Roque Gageac
food truck (14 km from LTR)
between 20 and 60€

LA BELLE ETOILE in La Roque Gageac
traditional cuisine (14 km from LTR)
menus from 38€

CHATEAU DE MONRECOUR in Saint Vincent de Cosse

gourmet restaurant (14 km from LTR)

menus from 26€ (lunch) and 53€ (dinner)

LE SAINT MARTIAL at Saint Martial de Nabirat 
gourmet restaurant (21 km from LTR)
menus from 45€;

LE BISTRO and LE 1862 (hotel Les Glycines) Eyzies-de-Tayac

bistronomic cuisine and 1* Michelin (25 km from LTR)

menu at Le Bistrot at €39 and menu at Le 1862 from €75

LE PETIT LEON in St Léon sur Vézère

gourmet restaurant (25 km from LTR)

discovery menus at 60 and 90€

LES PIERRES BLONDES (Hotel de Bouilhac) in Montignac

gourmet restaurant (27 km from LTR)

menus from 33€ (lunch) and 65€ (dinner)


hostel (28 km from LTR)

menu from 39€

LE VIEUX LOGIS in Trémolat
1* Michelin restaurant (42 km from LTR)
menus from 70€ (lunch) and 90€ (dinner)

You're never disappointed at Le Moulin... one of the best dining spots around Sarlat!

created by a dynamic trio, this restaurant, wine bar and cultural hub is putting human interaction at the heart of it all!

Bruno, the chef, brings out the best in local products while Lydie welcomes you in a charming setting!

childhood friends prepare and serve bistro-style cuisine amidst a walnut grove... we absolutely love it! 

classic yet incredibly flavoursome cuisine in one of the most beautiful villages along the Dordogne river!

a bistro-gastronomic spot where the dishes are well-crafted and tasty, served in a pleasant setting with a view on the castle!

classic cuisine revisited brilliantly by a passionate couple!

bistro-style or gourmet, this former coaching inn offers a delightful gourmet stop! 

inventive author's cuisine with great finesse by Chef Nick Honeyman... one of the best tables in the region! 

new team led by Chef Cécile Gallouédec in the kitchen, delivering delicious and delicate dishes! 

rustic yet delightful cuisine served in an inviting indoor space or a most friendly terrace!

a reliable choice in an elegant rural setting. Plus, a particularly tasty vegetarian menu as a bonus!

-oOo-   our favorite local products   -oOo-

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bakery and pastry shop (6 min walk from LTR)

MAISON MASSOULIER in Sarlat historic center
pastry shop tea room (10 min walk from LTR)

CHEZ PIERRÔ in Sarlat historic center
cheese shop (10 min walk from LTR)

LE CHAI BORDIN in Sarlat historic center
wine cellar (10 min walk from LTR)

FUTURETTE in Sarlat historic center
drugstore and more (10 min walk from LTR)

LA FERME DE VIALARD in Carsac Aillac
producers' store (3.8 km from LTR)

producers' store (5.6 km from LTR)

chocolate confectionery (5 km from LTR)

roaster (10 km from LTR)

LE CORBEAU BLANC in Coux et Bigaroque
beekeepers (28 km from LTR)

John & Nicolas have set the bar high with breads, pastries and desserts that are simply divine!

ah, what a dilemma between the walnut tart and the bog from Massoulier!  

Pierro is an enthusiast who has his own maturing cellar in a historic setting. A good cheese, a good wine... happiness!

this pretty cellar contains gems including a wide choice of natural wines. Justine always gives good advice! 

Thomas' boutique is teeming with treasures in an eco-responsible spirit... THE right address for your gifts!

for your supplies of local products in a short circuit! Lionel and Charlotte from Corbeau Blanc have a stand there!

the other farm cooperative in Sarlat to stock up on good local products!

Sandie Laval has nothing to envy of the great Parisian chocolatiers! 

roasted over a wood fire, Céline and Julien's coffees delight our guests at breakfast!

Charlotte and Lionel harvest a honey with an intense taste that we find in the famous MéMé cake with nuts and honey! 

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